A couple of Beta questions...

Hi guys.

I just purchased a 08 Beta RR 450 and it is awesome! I had a 04 KTM 450exc that was a great bike, but this Beta feels 40lbs lighter and turns better with such a smooth powerband. I also am comforted to know that it has the reliable RFS engine.

I was hoping to find a Trailtech speedometer, odometer etc... to install such as the TT Endurance or Vapor. Has anybody done this to their Beta?

Also looking for some graphics. The factory graphics are pretty thin and in need of some TLC.

Any other mods would be greatly appreciated. Thinking about a Rekluse as I mostly ride fire roads and tight trails.

Thanks in advance.:thumbsup:

Just got off my Beta 525 09'a couple of hours ago. A buddy and I had a great time in the rain and mud riding some local trails. I love this bike.

I would say first off to put a search on TT to see what is already on here as far as info on mods. There's a bunch already. As far as graphics go I am right where you are. If you do any hardcore trail riding the graphics don't want to stay on. Some like PG graphics but that is just too steep a price for stickers to me. It is what it is though and those seem to be the best from what others have said.

Don't know about the trailtech speedometer ...just the stocker.

Check out Beta-talk.com . Check out the TT Garage for mod ideas. Check out Betamotorcycles.net . Boano racing.... Ktm for rfs stuff . Threat racing and AmericanBeta... That's a bunch for now. I think threat racing has a deal on the older rear disc guard for a hundred bucks. That is a good one to get. I would buy the rear carry rack or make one as it's the pits to pick up the 09 and earlier bikes by the rear fenders. That should keep you busy for awhile.:thumbsup::confused:

Welcome to the Beta world. I'm hooked.

Another thing if you want to find some Beta video check out my channel and I'm sure you'll find some Beta stuff in the favorites or my subscriptions or my videos.. Most all of my stuff is trail riding stuff or dirt bike anyway..


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Thanks for the great leads! Really appreciate it. I was looking at some graphics for a older CRF Honda and the reds look pretty similiar. I may try to incorporate some of those on the fenders, fork guard and airbox. Maybe try to cover the stock graphics with clear plastic to keep them looking nice over time.

Great idea in regard to the rack and disk guard. I will look into that for sure.

Man does this thing turn nicely and the suspension is so plush.

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