Loreto race

He guys,

thought I'd put this up here on the chance that someone might be interested. There is a local racing series in southern Baja that puts on several races throughout the year, some short course and some longer races. Anyway, the next one is the weekend of September 13th. It is a 500 kilometer loop starting and ending in Loreto. Last year this was a fast course and pretty easy on the bike, and also very scenic. Entry fees are $85 plus another $40 for the racing license. My plan is to head up on Wednesday, Pre-run Thursday and maybe Friday and then just hang out 'till the race on Sunday. They run class 21 and 22 for the bikes, plus all of the usual car and truck classes.

Anyhow, I've been having a good time with this series and thought I'd let everyone else knowabout it. They do a pretty good job of putting these races on, but it is still very casual.

Sounds like fun I just wish I could get away. Do they follow any of the 1000 course?

Hey Stuck-

You ever ride with Sunny Mex? He's down there to. Fast guy.

Course go thru San Juanico? Gorgious area. Wish i could get away for it. Is there a website for the series? How many bikes at these races?



moredesert: from what I've been told part of the loop is used for some of the 1000 courses- I think they call it the mission route.

Mike: Don't know Sunny Mex. I don't have the course map, so I don't know if it goes through San Juanico, but last year it went through some beautiful spots. There is a website for offroad racing in Mexico that covers alot of different series-WWW.offroad.com.mx. It's in spanish, but even if your spanish isn't too good you can usually figure dates and places. The number of bikes depend on the race. Usually at the shorter ones close to Cabo and La Paz there'll be 12 or so class 22 and 15-20 class 21. Last year there were only about 8 class 22 and 12 class 21 at this race.

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