Collar bone break = Surgery????

Hey All,

So about a month and a half ago i suffered a compound fracture of my right clavicle when i ate it while riding. I knew as soon as it happened it was broken and would require surgery to fix it (plate, screws, etc).

So i went to my local ortho who i've been going to for years and is a really good doctor, and much to my suprise, he said i didn't need surgery and that the bone would just heal on its own......needless to say i was in shock. if you see the x-ray (my profile picture) the bones are barely even touching and still, almost two months later, move around and grind on each other.

My question is, should i get a second opinion and get this thing plated!?!? I don't want any prolonged injuries or problems with my shoulder in the long run. I'm not in pain now except when i'm directly hit on the bone, and i can and do ride now.

What do you guys think!!??:thumbsup:

I looked at that profile picture. Damm, that thing needs to be fixed. Come and visit me for a day, you will leave withit fixed and on a rehab program.

Thanks Dr Mark for taking a look at it. I'll definitely come see you. Quick question though. If i do get this fixed (plated im assuming) whats the recovery time like to be able to ride again?

typically six weeks.

We have a clinic in Houston and one just north of Dallas.

I prefer the North Texal location.

Thanks again for the help DrMark. I live in Friendswood, so I'd have to go to the houston location. I'll call and schedule an appointment soon.

Hey Dr. Mark. Do you have any idea about how fast I can get this surgery done? I want to get it done asap so i can start the recovery process! Thanks.

We could work you in next week. Call me on my cell 7139076076

I talked to Norma and she's supposed to be getting all my insurance worked out with the hospital and call me back to set up a date. I think we're looking at Thursday for the surgery.

Had my collar bone plated after a month of thinking it would be ok without surgery. Best decision I made...recovery was fast and after 2 years have had no issues. If you use a Leatt you may want to re-think wearing one. I use a EVS to minimize potential to re-break the plate/collar bone.

Hey Dr. Mark. I'm waiting to hear back from Norma still on the status of my surgery etc. We still should be able to get it done next week right? Thanks!

Get it plated! I have broke my right one 3 times and my left on once. The last time was two years ago. It blew into 4 peices. I should have gotten it plated but I didn't and it took a year to really get back to 00%. Sorry for the bad luck!

P.S. that post about the neck brace breaking your collar bone is B.S. If your neck brace breaks your collar bone then you should feel lucky because that would mean it saved you from breaking your neck! Most collar bone breaks are from extreme pressure to the outside of the shoulder pushing in toward your body.

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