Dry Break Solution

I have question that I have never been able to get an answer to. Does anyone out there know if its even possible to put a dry break into a stock tank? I contacted Clark at one time and they said they don't do anything extra outside of what they manufacture. If its not possible to put a dry break into a stock tank does anyone know where to get the adapters that the factory off road teams use when no one makes an over size tank for the bikes that their using. Everyone I have seen looks like an aluminume housing that screws onto the tank and has the dry break built into it. Hope to finally hear something.

anything is possible.. at most you could design your own.. wouldn't see why you could just design one that threads onto the stock tank threads.

clack makes a dry break receiver looks like you cut off the threads drill the holes and screw it on..

don, that link does not convert a stock tank to a drybreak.. those are all for the fuel containers

And what you are looking at from clarke is the dry break its self, but you have to have a tank already set up for that. The top of the tank comes cut out with holes already drilled.

Yeah, I've seen those before.. Might want to send an email to dirtbike rider see if they might have a lead..

Yes I know thats a dry break reciever. I need to know if its possible to even put one in a stock tank or not and if not trying to figure out a possible solution. I don't mind stopping for gas. I really like the feeling of my new bike and don't wanna screw up that feeling so im trying to find something other that buying an oversize tank.

The dry break receiver is about 4 and 1/4 inches around, do you have a flat spot on top of your tank that big?

I have no idea. It would be going in a 2011 YZ 250 2-stroke. I would send my tank off to have anything done. Im not cutting a hole in it.

Dry brake into a stock tank without cutting a hole in it, give me a second, I'll get right back to you.:thumbsup:

I know it would have to have a hole cut into it. What im saying is that im not cutting a hole into it. I would send the tank off to have what ever done to it.

you've turned a ten minute job into a thousand dollar machining problem.

Where is that aluminum piece screwed into the tank? Every close up picture i've ever scene of those set ups looks to be like it just screws on the the neck and everything sits on top of that. I don't know. Maybe what im wanting is impossible or just really expensive. I emailed IMS so maybe they can give me an answer since they provide tanks for basicly every off road team that I know of.

The aluminum piece has the same bolt pattern as the receiver, just uses longer bolts. You are inventing something new that screws on like a gas cap and has a receiver on top. The custom part will cost more than an extra stock tank.

It just amazes me that there is no way to get away from a gas cap on a stock tank. The only way to not have a gas cap is to buy an over size tank and put a dry break into it. Back in 1998 we kind of delt with the same thing. We were riding suzuki at the time and in 1998 they changed the back bone on the 125 from what it was in 1997 and the change it back in 1999. So 98 was an odd year and no one made a big tank for the 125. We called around and asked and begged and the only way to get it done was pay $600.00 and they would make one. The only good thing was is I could go 40 miles on my stock 2 gallon tank.

Just got word back from IMS. They can't do anything with a stock tank. They also said they don't know where Team KTM got that piece that Cory was using last year on the new 350. I find that a little odd since IMS does Team KTM's tanks.

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