03 cr 125 jetting?

bought an 03 cr 125 this past winter, went through the entire thing...i've took it out in the woods a few times this week. It has a low end bog but once the rpms are up and hits mid range she rips? I've been reading on here that alot of ppl switch to the keihin 38mm carbs but i wanna try and jet my mikuni before i do that bc i'm on a budget with this bike. I live in mass. 1400 ft elevation, 380 main jet? If anybody could suggest where to start, that'd be great.

my service manual says a 30 pilot, needle on the 3rd clip, 420 main, fuel screw 2 turns out, btw i think honda recommends the fat main to prevent detonating, but if you change the pilot, it will also change your main requirements because the pilot is always open, so in short to be safe i would go up a few sizes to the main

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