2005 crf250r suspension questions

ok well this past weekend i was at a race and took along both my 2005 crf250r and my 2009 kx250f, i planned on racing my crf cause its all decked out and my 09 is mostly stock but i ran both in practice (250C) and i was almost id say 30 seconds faster on my kxf, there were kids lapping me on my crf and i was passing the same kids on my kxf

there were 16 people in 250C and i finished 4th in both my motos, i felt amazing and the bike handled amazingly, so soft and didnt get headshake and was smooth over bump, the crf likes to kick

is there anything i can do to make my crf like my kxf or is it the frame geometry that makes it handle and ride better? i need some suggestions on what to do, im going out to my local track thursday to practice and try some stuff but im not sure, i have a race saturday and sunday, may 14 and 15.

thanks for ur help

(Ps im also posting the GoPro footage of my really nasty crash i had on the start of my second moto in the pictures and video's forum

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