need help with a chain!

Hi i just got a crf250 and the chain is a renthal. I have never had any luck with them and the same with this one. It keeps stretching. What size of a chain would i need? and what would be the best kind/brand to get. thanks!

non O ring chains strech pretty bad if you dont take good care of them, get a good O or X ring chain, bearly ever have to adjust them. you can go wrong with most brands, DID is good

I had a moose racing o-ring chain on my 97 cr250 that I think I adjusted 2 in a year. After the 2nd adjustment it stayed put. I lubed it before each ride. Not sure what is on the 09. Its a gold something or other. Its a non o-ring and ive adjusted it a couple of times since owning the bike. Ill look tomorrow and let you know what it is.

I use primary drive gold X ring from ROCKY MOUNTAIN, I've had very good luck with them, and the price is awesome!

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