RT180 Oil injection

I recieved a 97 RT180 in trade. I didn't really need it, but it was a package deal. It starts up fairly easy, but the "oil" light lights up, and the bike dies after a few seconds. I assume there is a low/no oil sensor that is shutting the bike down. The engine is getting plenty of oil, and the exhaust is plenty blue. I removed the cover on the rt side crankcase where the oil line enters from the oil tank, plenty of oil there and the tank has oil. That is the extent of my testing. I think the senosor is blocked or bad, but I don't know where or if it exists. Anyone have any info on this relic. It's for sale btw....


If it's like my Dt175 the light will be on until you put it into gear. (It is to show the system works) I would swap out plug and clean the carb/fuel system (air cleaner too)

The sensor must be located on the oil tank, you should be able to bypass it. If you don't want to do that, you can always plug the injection line and run premix.

Well on a car the oil lamp flames up but the engine still runs till its dead. I don't think that a sensor shuts down the engine. Maybe you don't get fuel into the carb. Or the tank vent is shut.

The oil light and the neutral light will both be on in neutral. Once you're in gear, the light should go out unless you're low on oil in the injector tank. Yes, it is annoying, but it is the "prove the circuit works" system they chose. I have a 1978 DT400 that is the same way.

recap: oil light should be on if in neutral, if on in gear, then oil is low or float in oil tanks stuck. This requires two stroke oil designed for air cooled motorcycle engines, and for use in injector systems. The transmission/clutch oil is the one on the engine itself on the right side, use only motorcycle oil in there, as the clutch runs this as well, and doesn't like car oil. Oil for trans should be rated JASO MA, and say so on the bottle.

i have a 95 rt 180 that my uncle gave to me because he didnt ride it. i have had several problems with the oil injectors. it is EASILY bypassable. it is better to premix straigt into the tank rather than to rely on the oil injection. the tank rusts very easily becasue they are older bikes and you put straight gas into the tank. the premix in teh gas will stop rusting. i have had to clean pieces of rustout of the carbuerator 4 times, untilll i took it off and had my uncle fix it. now i just premix straight into it, and the light is never on.

bottom line... oil injection is homo imo. premix to save yourself rust in the carbuerator.

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