TTR225 cold blooded ?

Last year I aquirred a 00 TTR225 for my stepson. It wouldn't start when we got it. It had been setting for a couple of years. We took the carb off and gave it a thorough cleaning. After re assembling it fired right up and idles great. It just takes a long time (5min) for it to be able to rev it up or run it through the gears. It seems fine after the long warm up. Is this common, or does something need adjusted?

This bike is for sale, he wants something street legal, maybe even a scoooter, but I would like it to be running as good as possible before I list it.

Thanks, Ryan

Yep, common, There cold blooded sob's!!

Chances are that the pilot jet still has a little film in the passage, making a lean bike even leaner.

They can all benefit from one size richer pilot jet. That's the single best thing you can do for driveability.

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