Rim Locks??...any need to run them?

Hi All..... just picked up a '95 LC4 620 and noticed it didn't have rim locks on it. I'm installing Dunlop 908's and ride in a variety of terrain street, sand, rocks, desert. It looks like the rear wheel is drilled for two and the front just one. Any need to run them? I would like to run the tire pressure around 22psi.

What do you guys think?



only if you are running lower than that. i ripped 2 tubes because i didnt check my pressure before i rode. one time i checked it the sunday before (it was good) and the next sunday (i forgot to check) i ripped the tube- i mean i ripped the valve stem off and broke the rim lock. they help if you are running lower pressure...

Don't run them on my 640E, but I run 17 psi min too.

I would suggest their use.

Regardless of what pressure or tires you run, if you have a simple leak, one potentially repairable while out on the trail, if you spin the valve stem out of the tube because you don't have them you'll be potentially unable to continue (assuming you do not pack tubes).

A simple nail hole can be easily repaired (patched), or those small cans of fix-a-flat can save a ride very quickly.

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Thanks for all the input.... rim locks are installed with the new tires.


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