gearing decision

i rode some crazy mountain trains today,loose rocks ranging from bowling ball size to marble size, not to mention the larger rocks sticking out of the ground,1st was a little to slow and 2nd gear was a little to im trying to decide if i should drop one tooth in the front for lower gearing or drop 2 or 3 in the back for higher gearing,i would like a little more top speed for riding the dirt roads to the trails but i would like to hear some input from some of you guys that have made gear changes to you X...thanks for the input fellas:ride::thumbsup:::confused:

i went to 13/51. for the tight single track around here. this lowered first, which was less stalling/ slipping the clutch. i like this gear setup for what i ride!

i this lowered first, which was less stalling/ slipping the clutch.

What does this part mean?? I'm curious if the bike stalls less with a 13/51.

Not a direct answer to your question but a good way of visualising the relevant changes is

I went 14/51 and was not impressed.It just lost too much low end punch for my liking.

I was looking for more top end for the open trails as well but ended up going 13/51>still revs a bit high for the open trail but is spot on for the more technical trails like you described:thumbsup:

I like the 14/51. First gear is useless with stock 14/53.

13/51 here

thanx fellas i think im gonna try 14/51 and see how it works,i rode the same area yesterday and first is to slow for that rocky stuff as you need to keep some momentum to "try" to hold a line threw that stuff and second is way to fast,if not im gonna go 13/51 and an R cam when i do the rebuild at the end of the summer

13/51 lowered the over all final drive ratio. so when in 1st gear going over rough stuff/ between rocks ect. i am less likely to stall the bike and fan the clutch less

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