looking into a new bike

looking to upgrade from my kx100, ya i guess the bike was alright but thats over now, theres a 06 rmz 250 and wondering what i should be aware of with the bike any problems or anything?

There was a 'brand new' 2007 RMZ250 for like $3699 at a dealer in Florida.

im in canada

I would take my time, there are a LOT of bikes for sale stateside and I am sure in Canada as well.

alright, still want to know what the best 250f or 450f is

As others have stated I would stay from the earlier ones due to problems.

I would research the forums, if the motor needs rebuilding you could be out some serious cash...

Have you considered the next step up from a kx100 such as a kx125? I wouldn't get a 450f after coming off a 100.

Recommend a used 2005-2007 Honda CR125. They are a hoot to ride. They are full size wheels 21/19. They have Showa Twin Chamber forks(that can be revalved with Race Tech Gold valves easily for your weight and ability for about $150 if you do it yourself). They are a Honda so parts are plentiful and cheaper than the other makes. Way lighter than an RMZ250.

Alright Alright that is not the question you asked. The 2006 RMZ250 had the older style RMZ/KXF motor that tends to eat valves(check valve clearances before you buy it). If do buy it have Eric Gorr on speed dial because those heads tend not to stay together. On the 2006 you can change the oil filter without having to change the coolant so that is good compared to the 04-05. I am not sure if they put a better water pump on the 2006 and if they didn't I would put a boyesen supercooler on it. The forks are old school Kayaba if I remember right(not a twin chamber design). I don't care for those forks as much. The 2007 and up use Showa Twin Chambers that I am more comfortable on. Once those things are fixed it should be okay. I have a 2007 and a buddy of mine used to have a 2006. The 2007 is much better than the 2006.

I wouldnt reccomend a 450f dude. I have a 2003 crf450r and it sucks as a woods bike. It is a straight motocross bike. unless you have money out the yingyang to pay for repairs because trust me you will trash it if your not respectful. If you want a 450f get a crf450x. theyre made for woods but..idk. thats my opinion.

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