08 yz450f front forks

i just bought an 08 yz450f with less than 30 hours and many extras! very nice bike. only problem is.... one of the compression screws on top of the fork is broke off! what can be done? how much money am i looking at spending and what would i need?!

Nothing, the bike needs to be junked!!!! Sell it to someone else, make it their issue!!!

Seriously, you need to figure out what's broken and replace it. Cost depends on what's available separately from Yamaha so a trip to a microfiche website like Ron Ayers will be in order. Then it's how much can you do yourself? It'll tear down easy enough with a service manual to guide you, otherwise figure about 2 hours shop time off the bike, 3 hours or so on the bike. Dealership rates are somewhere in the $75-100 per hour range around here.

Are you sure it's broken? It takes a lot to damage adjusters and makes me wonder what other "issues" a PO may have done.

All I know is an old RM 125 I rebuilt a few years ago had a bad rebound cartridge in it that the PO had stripped out bad. Was WAY expensive factory so I bought a used set of forks and used them for parts.


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