Picked up an 02 250

:ride:I have been pining away for one of these, my 97 is fun but i always wonder how much it was holding me back. So this bike has had 3 back tires on it, Still has the original front, it was in pretty good shape except for the rear spokes. Looks like they never got tightened and were all loose with the grey powder around the nipples. I was able to tighten them up with the help of vise grips and PB blaster. i rode it last sunday with out doing much to it exceppt checking all lthe fluids. I think the 97 was holding me back, this thing rocks and is soo much more stable.

Now i get to start making it right. I have new fork guards, front M404 tire, tube, wheel brngs and a kill switch. Adjusted the RC valve cables and then all the controls to my liking. Taking it to the track Thursday morning.

Next is squish (currently at .070) and a PWK 38



Looks great!!!! How'd you do on the price? Just curious, as I just splurged for an 01 in pretty rough shape...paid too much. People seem to want a bundle out here. The pwk 38 is on my list also.

$2100 here in the Sacramento area. Got a bunch of extra stuff with it also. I have seen some better deals but they are always gone in several hours.

That looks like a pretty sweet deal, especially compared to mine. i have that much in mine and it's still messed up. Of course i'm getting robbed by the shop since i'm too lazy to figure this stuff out myself. nice bike

Put a new Bridgstone m403 and fork guards on the front tonight. Going the track tomorrow before work. First time at a track on the 02.

Nice bike man get us some videos or pics when you are at the track.

Nice pick-up there. From all I have read, the PWK carb should be great. Keep us posted.

Nice bike. Looks like it's still on the stock sprockets so it's a low hour bike. The odds are the wheel bearings are still in good shape and still have a lot of life left in them.

Next time you need to loosen seized spokes, take the wheels off and chuck the spokes in a vise with aluminum soft jaws. Works great without tearing the plating off the spokes with vise grips.

Hopefully you got the stock pipe with it. The stock CR pipes are best.

Turns out the wheel bearings were fine. The axel nut was not tight giving it that little bit of play because the bearing races were not locked together with the spacer. Head comes off tomorrow and i am taking it to work for modifications on tuesday

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