Richochet Off Road to bad it doesn't fit response!

Richochet Off Road to bad it doesn't fit response!

Recently purchased two skid plates from these guys with no problems until I purchased a 3rd one for my "07" RM250. Talk about crappy customer service!!! We've got your money and to bad it doesn't fit! Below are the emails I sent and responses I got. Beware of Richochet Off Road!

‘Regards’ doesn’t really mean anything, is just a courteous sign off. I appreciate your feedback, but like I said we’ve sold very few of those plates over that last few years. When we designed that plate in 2001 everything was fine. I don’t even remember the last time we checked that plate. Sometimes we use customer feedback or in this case it was probably the lack of feedback that we used to update our listing. If we haven’t checked a plate for the new model year a lot of times when someone calls and wants a plate for that particular model, we tell them we haven’t personally checked it and to let us know if there is any issues and we deal with them at that time. Unfortunately, you are the first one to bring this to my attention. With the over 300 skidplate models we make sometimes these dying part #’s don’t get the attention they deserve. Again I appreciate your feedback and I will try and look into this if the dealer has a bike.


From: Pete Egger []

Sent: Monday, May 09, 2011 6:05 PM


Subject: RE: "07" RM250 Skid Plate


Not sure what to make of your response? I can think of a few things that may have gone wrong on your end other than Suzuki making changes. As previously mentioned the other two skid plates I purchased from you had no fitment problems at all. Could you please clarify what "Regards" means?




Subject: RE: "07" RM250 Skid Plate

Date: Mon, 9 May 2011 10:42:14 -0600

I’m not sure what to make of that, we’ve never had any complaints on that plate. Although, it is the same plate we’ve had since 2001 and we haven’t paid much attention to that one lately since we hardly sell any of those 2 stroke plates anymore. It’s possible that Suzuki had snuck in some minor changes over the years.


From: Pete Egger []

Sent: Sunday, May 08, 2011 12:58 PM


Subject: "07" RM250 Skid Plate

To whom it may concern:

Recently purchased a 2011 KTM 450 SX-F skid plate and it was a great fit.

Recently purchased a 2005 RMZ450 skid plate and it too was a great fit.

Recently purchsed an 2007 RM250 skid plate and it is not a good fit. I had to use all of the bolt hole adjustment and the right side protection wing was extremely tight against the water pump housing. The oil drain hole has just enough room for a 1/4" extension to clear and still be able to get the socket on. It appears that all mounting and oil drain holes are off center by almost half an inch of where they should be. I was able to mount the skid plate after some bending for water pump clearance but the other issues could not be resolved.

Please advise!

Peter C Egger

xxxx xxxx

North Las Vegas, Nevada xxxxx

Cell 702-xxx-xxxx

Hm 702-xxx-xxxx

Thanks in advance.

I am going to buy a plastic case/skid plate from Cycra I would rather have plastic since it will glide over things easy than metal.

Well you didn't ask for your money back (i don't think from reading the emails). So, until then they can say, "we'll look into it" type thing about the mounting issues and be clear.

If they come back later and say, yep its our goof send it back for refund or correction then they will look good.

If they never email ya back then I guess that means to pound sand. But, until you ask for refund or exchange I feel they are still in grace period and may not offer you a refund until you ask.

+ 1, I never seen where you ask for anything other than an answer why it doesn't fit. Granted they should be a little more forth coming on asking you what can they do to correct the situation. I would do like the other guy said if you want an exchange or refund then ask for one. If you don't get the response your looking for, inform him you are contacting the BBB. Companies don't like having hits on their BBB record.

I agree with the other posters,this guy sounds like a pompous dick and i dont think he will accept that his product is flawed.ask for your money back,and if he refuses,spread the word of his shity service and make his name mud.As far as exchanging the product,i think you should just get your money back.

maybe you could hcange the thread title to:

'Richochet Off Road' gave me this response: "Too bad it doesn't fit" ?

but I think that's small business for ya...they prob. don't make enough money or have enough time to want to help ya out, so they cater to the 99 other people who will buy the product and make you money, rather than the 1 person that does not...

No offer to return it and inspect it.

No offer to return it and try to fix it.

No offer to return it and receive a refund.

All I got was "Regards"!

After the last email when it became clear that they don't give a d**n about being an honest business I took a cut-off wheel and removed about an 1 1/2" from the right side protection wing following the same radius for clearance. It fits now and everything lines up but there is no water pump protection anymore from a side hit. The pipe will block a frontal attack and there is enough of the skid plate left underneath to prevent a bottom attack.

I just can't believe their attitude and they will not receive anymore of my business.

Anyway I'm not going to beat a dead horse. The $100.00 I spent isn't going to break the bank. Lesson learned where they are concerned! Just wanted to give others a heads up.

I have Ricochet's skidplate on our '03 RM250. When I called I talked to the owner, told him I get a 20% discount by going through my dealer... would he honor it too? He said yes, it arrived quickly, the fit was spot-on. I am pleased with their public relations, price, quality, prompt shipping, and fitment.

If you hadn't bent the side fin you could have returned it.

I ripped 2 of the mounting points on mine a couple weeks ago. I think they need to take note and build some plates like the KTM Hardparts model for 03-06 250/300's. That skip plate fit perfect and hooked over the frame tube on the back closest to the rear wheel so it wouldnt slide from a large impact. I am not totaly impressed with the quality of the plates I have from Ricochet, so I am gonna see if a modified Hyde plate will work on my 03 and then my 01. TM designworks and BRP also should look into this(I HOPE) since I have yet to demolish one of those style chain guides.

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