Buying a Z need some help...

Hey guys,

So I was here a few months ago talking about buying a SM and I have sold my 600 so I'm in the market. Here is my problem though,

Money basically:lol: I sold my 600 for $3000 and am looking for the cheapest way to get a SM. So I am asking what do you guys think I should do, buy a SM all ready to go? Or go for an S series that is cheaper, and convert it to an sm (wheels, tires, and everything that has to be done.) I see some S series that need some work that are cheaper, it may work out to be the same thing but just be a bike with new parts.... Anyways let me know what you guys think.


imo, get an SM to start with. $3000 cdn is more in the US, hint, maybe another option depending on your loc.

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