keep 400 or get 450?

Should I sell my WR400 and upgrade to a WR450? or should i just keep my 400? :) Can I get $3,500 for a 99 wr400?

I never owned the 400 but I did own a 02 WR426. With the exception of the smaller tank, the WR450 was worth the upgrade. I would think it would be the same for the 400. :)

The upgrade is worth it. Once you get an E-start bike you'll never go back.. :)

Can I get $3,500 for a 99 wr400?

If you can I'd jump on it.

Suggest you wait a few weeks to see if the 2004 has a different crankshaft and flywheel, Yamaha's website and the local dealers do not have the parts listings yet.

Can I get $3,500 for a 99 wr400?

If I thought I could get that for one of my 01 WR426's I'd have a new 450 tomorrow.

If you got an offer between 2500 and 3000 you should take it.

I'm sure the 450 will be improved for '04. They really took a lot of heat over the problems the '03 had.

I would say it depends. If you have your 400 all set up for you like I do then sometimes it's a hassle getting a new version. So much to upgrade (jetting,exhaust, uncorking, suspension, tires, bars, etc). Don't forget, you buy it to ride it not to spend money on it! If the 50cc is worth it to you and/or your 400 has taken a beating then it may be worth it for the 450. I'm sticking with my 400 right now, but good luck with your decision :)

go for the 450. you will not believe how ease it turns, starts,stops,goes, and mine has even taugh me how to ride upsidedown. :):D

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