Bike got stolen. St. Croix valley area.


It's been a pretty shit day. Discovered my xr650l had been swiped from my garage in River Falls, WI.

Its got a red Acerbis tank and Renthal stickers on the swing arm.

If anyone sees this pig, please pm me.


I would watch craigslist in Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, also ebay has a local classifieds listing, I would also check that. If you posted a picture here we could keep a eye out for it in Michigan, I'm sorry you lost you pig, I loved the couple I owned over the years; I hope you find it.

I (barley) photoshopped a picture of ocaptain's bike from his Acerbis tank install post. Imagine that it's got an '04 seat, and Dunlop 606's.



Glad to find it in one piece. I was watching crazedlist (all craigslist's in one), ebay, etc., but didn't check the neighborhood well enough.

I will use the steering lock from now on.

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