Chain stretch

Having a problem with my chain on a 2004 250x ,front sprocket 14 tooth rear sprocket 53 tooth and the chain has 59 links, now the chain is stretched out and axle is maxed out to the end of the swing arm when i bring the axle up all the way to the front it looks like if i take out a link out the chain will be too short. I had this problem last year and i just bought another chain. My mechanic didn't have a answer anybody have the answer.

well, you can either run it how it is, try taking a link out, or change your gearing combo. i dont really see any other option. shows 13/49 being same gearing using a shorter chain length but i can't beleive removing a link would make it 'too short' for re-using with the wheel pushed forward Edited by mxscotty

Thank You both for the response and i forgot to double the links i have a 118 with that maybe i can remove the two links .

What kind of chain are you using? O-ring or non o-ring? If your good at taking care of your chain non 0-ring is the only way to go. Minimal stretch and more power transfer.

If the chain has stretched to the point of not having adjustment left in the axle blocks it is time for a new chain

A cheap non o-ring chain is generally good for one season or less

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