any body have any experience with both of these. Im a c rider just getting into racing hare scrambles. Whats the deffernce?

I'm slow even for c-class. Just threw in a z-start pro on my 250f. Its great. Tamed the aggressiveness of the bike. Makes the bike very hard to stall. Stop in the middle of an uphill. Just twist the throttle and take off with no wheel spin. I ride lots of rocky/technical terrain, and it was a great upgrade for me.

Whats weird about it is that the pull is different. At idle there is pretty much no "feel" to the clutch at all, but when the engine is higher in the RPMs it feels like a stock clutch pull. You can still slip it just like a normal clutch. Another thing that takes some getting use to is how the engine disengages under rear breaking. I found that I lock up my rear wheel much more than I would like to, but I'm getting the feel of it more with each ride.

Don't know anything about the core xp.

I run the VstartPro in my 450. I love it for the most part. Last weekend I did the Dirtwise class with Shane Watts and some of his exercises really expose the weakness of auto clutches. I will still run the Rekluse, though I wish it did have a bit more override at the lower RPM's.

I've ran both. I didn't care for the z start, hated the limp clutch lever. I've had the exp on my last 2 bikes, presently a ktm xc350, and really love it. The clutch is pretty stock feeling,and it makes the nasty sections a piece of cake.

I just installed a Core EXP in my 450yzf and love it. It makes me ride like a veteran even though Im a newbie. From what I read the difference in the two clutches is the feel of the clutch lever. The core EXP gives you the feel of a regular clutch. And the Z start Pro doesn't.

I've run both. If I were brand new, I'd get the z-start. The clutch lever pull get's pretty hard with the exp, but it is really cool if you like to fan the clutch and want some lever. When set up properly, the z-start works great, and for novice, I think it's the best.

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