Very cheap mods

I made this aluminum kickstand. Total cost $3. I used brazing sticks to put it together. You can find them on E-bay.

Picture109.jpgI made this exhaust bracket from an old CB Mount. Two holes actually lined up pretty good. After mounting it I decided to put some goop around the rubber bushing.


This is a picture of my FCR carb from a yamaha 450yfz 4-wheeler. It was a really good deal, almost very cheap, so I gave it a try. The worst part was the frame of the bike was in the way of the idle speed screw. I didn't want to cut the bikes frame so I cut the adjustment screw off the carb and used aluminum brazing rod to screw a new bracket. The carb TPS had totally different resistence than the stock carbs. I wanted to use my old TPS sensor but this carb's throttle rod turns the opposite direction. Also in this picture are upper engine mounts made of, of course, aluminum. Yoshimura charges $100 for these and the front mounts. The front mounts are already aluminum.


After installing a FCR carb, I needed to make a vacum tube attachment because my stock petcock with the ims fuel tank was in the way. I used 3/8 steel brake line from an automotive store because after I cold pressed it in the bolt I could bend it out of the way of the petcock. later I put jb weld around the steel brake line for peace of mind.


I always like to see someone with enough initiative to do something for themselves to solve problems or meet needs.

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