2010+ yzf450

I am looking into getting a 10 or 11 model and want to know if they feel the same as the older models. I had an 06 and it was great so just looking to get some feedback on if the new chassis and moto design set it back or make it better.

BTW, I currently have 09KX450.


I liked my 06 better than my 08 and I like my 10 better than either of those.

Took a minute to get used to but it keeps getting better and better. By the way........I swapped my buddy bikes for a moto and he had a 09 Kawi.....I was smiling half way through the first lap because I was glad I didnt get a Kawi....Liked the motor.......hated everything else.

I just bought a 2011 YZ 450. My previous bike was an 06 YZ 450. The new bike is just better. The stock 11 suspension rivals my revalved 06. The 11 power stock is great but you can change it with the power tuner easily to be what YOU want. Plus, its a new bike. They are so tight and roll so well. Don't you deserve it?

its a completly different bike.

it rips, but its heavy. is also reliable. only prob is the usual fuel in oil problem.

I had 06and 08 Yamaha 450s. not on the same planet...

I also had an 06 and switched to the 10. I loved my 06 but there is no comparison to the 10. The 10 handles allot better, much more responsive, feels lighter, suspension is better, etc. The only thing on the 10 is that it signs off a little early on top but I cured this with a full Yosh system for under $500. You will not be disappointed.

I had an 06 and now ride a 10. The 10 in stock form imo lacks top end but was easily fixed and i've never ridden a bike that handles like my 10. It's definately an upgrade.

The feel from what I have read is almost entirely different. I have a 10 but I have never ridden anything earlier so I can't give you any personal opinion. Just backing up the other claims.

I just got a 2011 YZ450F Previous was an 2006 CRF450R, I feel the Yami is better in every aspect stock. Felt right at home on it from the get go. Im getting a tuner and the suspension is going out to get resprung and revalved, because I can trim the LB's. Can't wait to get her on the MX track

I just bought the 11 450f back in Feb. I came off of a 06 crf450x. I am very pleased with everything... good power, suspension, feel, etc. Cant wait for my GYTR exhaust, Flywheel, Tuner, and IMS tank to come in, within the next couple weeks to make it more trail worthy here in WY. 10 out of 10:thumbsup:

the 11 is a sweet bike..add the pro circuit linkage, yosh pipe and for me a new set of bars, but that's only because i dont like pro tapers...its the best bike Ive ever owned

IMHO it's all what you are used to riding. I struggled to get used to my '10 coming off an '08 YZ450 and before that an '06.

Handling: It's really different and turns more like a Honda or Suzuki than the older YZ's. Not gonna lie, I've got 25 hours on it now and I'm finally faster on it than my '08. The older YZ's and your KX are bikes you can slide around with the rear and slide into corners, not so with the '10. It's way more precise and turns more with the front. It LOVES inside ruts, unreal on slow tight ruts. One thing I hated about the older YZ's was the "oh shit there goes my front end washing out again, foot stomp... save!" I haven't lost the front end yet on my '10! The thing that's really hard to get used to is that the '10 has a SUPER light feeling front end and you don't get a good feel for if it's planted, but it is, and it really sticks on flat corners.

Suspension: Front fork springs too soft, rear shock spring too stiff. Stock the bike dives in the front and kicks in the rear. I'm 180lbs.

Power: Way more than the older YZ's, but it's linear. The carb YZ's had a big hit in the middle. The '10 is easier to ride power wise, but you have to overgrip and twist to get the most out of it. There's power on top, it just feels flat because it revs so quickly. Also aftermarket exhaust will open it up on top. Having the tuner is great. I detune it on slick tracks and beef it up when there's traction.

If you get a new YZ here's what I recommend:

1) Different front tire

2) After market pipe (I run a Yosh full stainless)

3) Yamaha Tuner!

4) Get your suspension and springs right

5) Try different bars and bar positions

6) Bigger rear sprocket - 49 or 50

7) If you are really fast and competitive a bigger front rotor is really nice

thanks great feedback guys. thanks a bunch!


What was the major differences you experienced after you changed to the PRO CIRCUIT link? 1.5 mm longer seems a small difference (from stock) and I'm wondering what the immediate differences in ride experience were to you.

I, too, am coming off of an '06. I really liked my '06, and antied up for a 2010 because I felt it had sufficiently new design features to be interesting, there was nothing wrong with my '06. I had the suspension revalved to soften up the '10 a bit for off road, had Injectioneering rework the throttle body to take away the "notchy" off idle throttle response,(great job guys..!) and, overall it handled really well, but there was something not right, I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was. I read in MXA that the '10 would "wiggle" and "squirm" going into corners, and a longer shock link from Pro Circuit (PC) solved that issue. I realized that that was the sensation I had that I couldn't identify. I tried to order a link from PC, but they were unable to give me a delivery date. On this forum, someone posted that a link from a 2007 WR 450 was identical ( dimensionally) to the PC part. I sauntered down to my friendly local, and after my good guy discount, ordered up a 450 WR link for just a bit more than 1/2 of the PC price, ..about 130$.... It was indeed 1.5 mm different than the OEM 2010 link. I ended up adjusting my forks from 10mm above the top clamp to 5, and setting my sag at 105 rather than 130... The mod worked as MXA claimed, much more stability going hard into either soft loam or hardpack off camber, felt much more balanced. Could I have gotten the same results if I continued futzing with the suspension..?...Maybe, maybe not. The longer arm, and accompanying adjustments worked for me on my 2010, I'm lovin life....


I felt the 08 was the first year of YZ450 that really impressed me as an overall package. Now....the 2010 is surely a great package. Having said that, the 09 and newer KX450 is also an option but if you're looking to make a change in your riding then the Yamaha is a win-win. I think the deciding factor between a new 450 is dealer service and racer contingency if you're into that sort of thing.


What was the major differences you experienced after you changed to the PRO CIRCUIT link? 1.5 mm longer seems a small difference (from stock) and I'm wondering what the immediate differences in ride experience were to you.

It eliminated the wiggle at turn in. but you can also adjust your fork height, and bring the whole bike down just a bit...to me that improved every part of the way the 11 handels..it just seems a bit more ballanced out...

I'm going to check out the link for my bike.

I feel like I'm finally ready to buy a NEW bike again and I'm pretty certain it's gonna be a 2011 YZ450F I'm liking nearly everything I hear about this bike (reliability, handling, power, tuning, etc). I used to have a 04 YZ250F and loved it until I blew it up and then hated 4 strokes for years when I couldn't afford to fix it (was 16 years old). I took a break from riding for a couple years then had a 01 300EXC and loved it and then sold it for some dumbass reason. Now have a 97 YZ250 and find it waaay underpowered compared to the 300. Btw I'm 6'1 and 215 Lbs. I'm keeping it long enough to race next weekend and that is all.

My friend let me ride his KX450F (not sure year but he said it was the first year fuel inj.) first F.I. bike I've ever ridden and it was an absolute thing of beauty (to me at least). Within 60 seconds of getting on the bike I was ripping around our little practice track so fast and comfortable I felt like I'd never even taken a break from riding in the first place and came back saying "I can be fast again, I just need a new 450". I've always been a diehard Yamaha fan and I think this ALSO happens to be the right 450 for me

I pulled the trigger yesterday. I can't wait to ride it.

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