2000 yz426 crank and rod bearings...

Just bought a '00 yz426 for $500 with some engine noise. The yamaha dealer said to replace the rod and crank bearings. they wanted almost $200 for bearings alone plus rings, gaskets, labor ($500) ect. I work for an electric motor repair shop and want to use my own bearings but would hate to have to pull it all apart to get the numbers off of the bearings... Anybody have any idea what the numbers are on the bearings (i.e. 6305,6206,ect) and if they are a standard ball bearing or a roller bearing. Thanks for any help

I just did this with my 426 that I purchased for $600. The bearings aren't that much. Someone is tryin to make some money off of you. I had to put a new rod and rod bearing. The previous owner had rebuilt the motor just before selling it. they got 3 min out of it before it siezed. Here's the link to my rebuild thread. There are video's online on youtube by a man name johnnyshop for a yz250f rebuild.. Search for those. There for a 250f, but the 426 is the same design, just bigger. I know this from personal experience of rebuilding both 250f motors and a 426 motor. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.


You can outsource the transmission bearings and most of the other ones, but the rod bearing and main bearings are proprietary. Available only through Yamaha. Try TT OEM for the parts.

thanks for the help.

Also, look at servicehonda.com. I've found them to be the cheapest lately.

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