Xr600 engine overheat!!!

What is dangerous/max engine temperature on the 97 Honda XR600r. When looking at my Vapor digital speedometer which tracks my engine temperature as well; I noticed my engine temperature on a 90 degree day reach 550 degrees and climbing when over 60mph. Is that a bad thing? (They are single-cylinder air-cooled 4 strokes engine.)

Also, my 1997 XR600R is a 5 gallon tank and I was trying to figure out how many liters or gallons are in the reserve tank?

If your temp sensor is mounted to the oil line like most other people do it, then 550*F is engine toasting temps. That high and something bad is going to happen and the oil after than point is junk and needs changed immediately.

If I remember correctly the Vapor temp sensor is attached to the spark plug so what your actually getting is the cylinder head temp.  That can get really high on my old XR500 I was seeing in excess of over 400 degrees.  I got tired of looking at it so I removed the temp sender.


Most people put them under the top part of the head oil feed line on the XR650L and XR600R.


I'm not even sure that it can be put under the spark plug on those bikes. I tried to put mine there but it wouldn't fit because the spark plug hole is recessed into the head and not large enough to accommodate the width of the sensor wire between the spark plug and spark plug recess.


Not having seen the OP's bike, I'm not making any presumptions and waiting for a reply on the location. It could also be in a drain plug.


Being able to monitor the cylinder head temp would be a much more reliable way to monitor crucial engine damaging temperatures instead of the oil temp, which takes longer to rise.

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