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Hello guy's have any of you ordered from these guys latley? I placed an order on friday and I called before I placed it to make sure that they had everything in stock which they did so I ordered the parts online. I called on Monday to see if the order was alright and it was and they said it would be shipped out last night and I would get an e-mail when they did ship it out, so I didn't get an e-mail so I called again today and they said it would ship out today and I would get an e-mail when they do so. Well I did not get an e-mail so what gives?



they are slowww!but some day you will get what you paid for.

Yeah they are super slow. I sent in a defective temperature dipstick to be replaced/repaired and they had it for well over 2 months and I had to call them 3 or 4 times.


I made an order not even a week ago, and my parts are already here in Australia, just finished getting through customs so should expect it in a day or two.

I ordered thursday night and got tracking info on Sunday, parts in Australia on Tuesday.

Only thing left is to see if my order is correct.

Must be dependant on who you get on the day?

There short handed over there.

It's a small operation that barely makes ends meet.

I think Chris and Freddie are the only ones that work there, I'm not forsure on that though, I did talk to a girl one time that answered the phone.

There's only so much that they can do, be patient you'll get your parts.

I was so close to posting up about XRs only last night but I thought I should not say anything until I got what I paid for.

But since you asked...

I put in an order (online) for the 650R side panel mod and the Hi flow backfire screen on the 9th April and paid for it immediately.

Got the Email, "Blah blah, thanks for your order, we will send you an email with tracking identity when it ships, blah blah".

So I'm waiting a couple of weeks, no item sent Email so I send them an Email with my order # asking where it is and has it left yet. I get a reply, someone says "I'll look into it and get back to you". So I'm waiting, then I send another Email asking for some follow up, no reply.

It goes on. 4 emails in total, no further correspondance from them.

Given the time difference, I had to wait up until 11:30 at night my time to phone them, international call from Australia, just to have a guy say " sir I'll personally look into it and discuss it with the owner and follow it up myself."

That was a couple of days ago....:thumbsup:

If you guys from XR's only are reading this, I have a message for you...:confused:

I've experienced a bit of delay in shipping, but customer service was good and the parts are fantastic.

I placed an order over a month ago and just got the order last week. The web site said that everything was all in stock. The day after I ordered, I got a call to let me know that one piece was delayed at the anodizer but it would ship that week. The next week I asked for an update and was told the order was being shipped. two weeks later I asked for an update and they said the part was not in from the anodizer. Another week goes by and I ask for an update, they said it shipped but I got no tracking number. The web site still said "processing" for the status. Once the package arrived, they send a non anodized part. I guess they got tired of me asking for updates and shipped what they had.

The parts are good quality but not what I ordered. If they had given me the option of getting non anodized (due to delays etc) I would be ok with it. Making me wait for the anodized part and then shipping a plain one without so much as a hint is kinda sucky on their part. It's a shame because they have such great potential and a lot of good stuff to offer.

From what I've gathered across a few forums, my experience is pretty normal. Bottom line? Be prepared to wait.

Used to be GREAT. Owner died and it (apparently) hasn't been the same since.

Sometimes fast and painless.

Sometimes not.....

Thanks for the info, I was just getting ready to order a bunch of parts but I think I will find other sources. Currently waiting on parts for my lawnmower (4 weeks...had to buy another used one...$1500 because I couldn't wait any longer with my grass so high) Don't want the same problems with my 650, have it tore apart and waiting and waiting. Good luck to the people waiting, hopefully they are not critical parts that will keep you from riding. Hopefully all distributors of parts aren't going this way, wait untill you have sufficient demand, then manufacture the parts. I understand that this keeps the costs down, but it is killing the end user.

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double post

Ordered on the 24th of April, and the package still hasn't shipped. They replied to my first email saying it would be about a week, but that was over a week and a half ago. They didn't bother replying to my second email. If I ever get my stuff, I won't be ordering from them again or recommending them to anyone.

parts are fantastic and worth the wait just Know they are slow.

Search this site or adv and you will have all the information you need.

Crap....just ordered a bunch of stuff for my pig last friday....bike will be down till it comes in:banghead:

I've been waiting two months for a fews parts from them, but I know they'll show up any day. It's a tough business and I understand that.

The wait is well worth it, they have some cool stuff that other people don't offer.

son of a............I so wish I saw this about 4 hours ago........I do know that there are eLaws about online retailers actually charging for parts that are not in stock or have not shipped.

I'll be making a call tomorrow for sure.

If the parts arn't in stock, I can understand that and don't mind waiting.

However, they can have no excuse for poor communication and failing to get back in touch with customers is unforgivable and they deserve to have bad publicity over their poor customer relations. Without us, the customer, they have no business at all.

Just a follow up. I called them this morning first thing, they answered, were totally cool, told me everything was shipping today and I did get a UPS notification/tracking number from UPS.

I did get my tracking number yesterday

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