09' 450 Hub on an 06'

Can you use an 09' rear hub on a 06' YZ450F? The 06' needs a rear hub and I think the 09' has the double bearing on the drive side. Does anybody (Gray are you out there) if I can lace the 09' hub to the stock 06' spokes? Do I need 09' spacers? I guess it would just be easier to buy a new 06' hub and forget about it. Thanks

The '09 hub uses a 25mm axle, whereas the '99-'08 models use a 22mm axle. The best answer would be bearing that would fit the '09 hub that also had a 22mm ID, but I don't know if they exist. People have tried to find 25mm bearings to use earlier hubs on an '09, but not the other way around that I know of.

In the end, it will be a lot simpler to pick up a hub from an earlier model and use that.

Thanks Gray, I will order a 06' hub. I sold this bike to my nephew when I bought an 08' so I feel bad that it needs a new hub. We were installing new bearings and the old one almost fell out without tapping it hard. The new one dropped right in without a press fit. So now it's time for a hub. How often do you replace your wheel bearings on your 06' ? Thanks

I haven't needed to yet. Some of the '06's had that same problem with loosening around the drive side rear axle bearings.

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