worth it, no doubt

Sometimes, when I'm stuck at work 60+hrs a week, come home to a house that's never done, and drive a truck that's well beyond it's prime...I wonder if it's worth it, or if i've got the enerygy, to load my bike and gear up and drive the 30-45 minutes to a track.

Until I get there, and get riding...to this day, there is NOTHING that compares to the feeling of being there, chugging powerades, and bs'ing with strangers about the awesomeness that is motocross. 1 afternoon at the track completely erases all the crap i go through every week just to get there.

So, in closing, to me, going through all the bs, it's worth it. And i consider myself pretty damn lucky to be able to do this. I know this is a no-brainer thread, but i'm betting i'm not the only one who thinks this way.

Thanks for reading a pointless thread, hope everyone gets to ride soon!

your lucky our closest track is an hour and a half away

Agreed, there is something about just being around my bike whether it be riding it or working on it that pulls the week's worth of stressers and disposes them

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