Does anyone have experience with gutting and cutting down exhaust cans?

My bike is a '11 SMS630 and I'm trying to find info on proper gutting and trimming procedures on the exhaust cans.

I also heard that there was a catalyst within the exhaust itself. Does anyone know where Husky normally positions them if they are there?


Yes, I do have experience doing exhaust gut&trim - it's NOT FUN. It takes a while and requires somewhat precision work with the correct tools, If you are faced with knocking out the internal catalytic then do be sure to bring a couple hard chisels and hammer as well as patience and time. I have only done this work on Aprilias, but the work is relatively the same no matter the brand. If I had to do it again I'd spend the money for an aftermarket pipe. Have "fun".

I DeCatted my 2011 TE510 muffer, made a HUGE difference in power and stayed the same loudness.



George Erl (Uptite Racing) does exhausts. He just finished modifying a TE511 (also I suppose good for the 449). I've not seen him go after the 630's yet but he does have a TE630 in stock. He uses a bandsaw, drill press, belt sanders, sheet metal bender, welder, and assorted jigs he makes to reproduce.... Pipe bender and a "swager" of sorts for modifying the openings to connect to each other. He might share what his plans are for the 630. Think he finished up the skid plate for the 511 too and they're being punched out and welded right now. 1 714 540=2920 the above he's pitching the old can and adding his own, so they're no removal of the cat. His can is around $240 (with approv SA) but I'm not sure what he would charge for the other pieces that he makes for the fitment. Suffice it to say he has pretty high standards for the stuff he makes and designs.

i have a 08 sm610, does anyone know it an aftermarket pipe would work off of the 2011 sms630? specifically an fmf slip on? everyone i call only knows how to read what years the books show.

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