Go Pro mounts

I just bought a GoPro hd and have the suction cup and handle bar mounts.I was wondering if the suction cup will stay on my helmet and does the handle bars move too much to a good video.

I don't think I would dare use the suction cup. Use the 3M sticky bases on your helmet and then you can clip the camera on and off. Handlebar might work, I have seen a few videos done that way and it's cool to have the camera lean with the bike. Vibration might get to the camera sooner though IMO.

My favorite has been the mount on the side of the helmet. About google level. I have only used the 2 sided tape.

The suction cup mount is intended for cars and crotch-rocket fairings. Use the sticky-mount.

Thanks I think I will use the sticky mounts on my helmet instesd of the suc. cup.

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