What would you buy?

Which brand would you pick if these were all $250-$270?

Jardine RT99 Slip-on Muffler $255

FMF Powercore 4 Stainless Aluminum Slip-On muffler $250

Leo Vince X3 Slip-On $270

Two Bros Stainless Steel Slip-on M-7 Aluminum Canister $275

What exhaust system would you pick? If you run one of these please let me know what you think of it and if you think it makes a difference in performance.


My son just put a Dr.D on his and raced it this weekend. He loves it. It wasn't expensive either. Give them a look. :thumbsup:

Did you get it online??? Arent they 500 and +?

I would ask what type of riding..track ,trail,....racing......???

In Iowa they haven't been enforcing spark arrestors or db levels (yet.). etc 95-99..dbs..

Do you ride at the local OHV places?... Keep this in mind when buying maybe... To save a headache of having to buy something else. To be legal and quiet while out riding

If you ride other surrounding states .. MN WI... they do enforce these rules and laws...

I have a FMF Q on our bike..It has a spark arrestor .It quiets the bark without any noticeable performance losses.. And it makes it legal to ride anywhere.

Have fun...


First the mufflers do nothing for HP gain on this bike. Replace the mufflers for sound reduction and a SA. Cheap version would be a CRF250x muffler, add a mounting strap and be done. At $75 to your door most cases, well worth it. HP is gained from a header and is all top end. If HP is what your after get a MRD header and regear for top end. The MRD header give a good boost on the bottom while keeping the top end the same or 1 hp higher. You will be faster this approch rather an "top HP" header. Well worth $150.

Yeah....Im just looking for more speed and better acceleration. We put a BBR full system on our crf100f pit bike and its acceleration improved a ton!. I am needing some extra speed and acceleration to catch the bored 85's in the straight aways in the Super Mini class.

I do sometimes ride at OHV tracks...Dont get out there much.....niether does the DNR apparently. I've gone out to Lakeview OHV in Solon, Iowa a ton last summer. We go early in the morning so it isnt as hot out. My friends and I were out there on 250's and we didnt have any spark arrestors and the exhaust was louder than what is allowed in most places. DNR has never been out there any of the times I have gone.

I have seen people out there without the OHV sticker because the DNR is never out there anyways.

So I guess I want little installation matenince/time spent installing as possible but i still need speed.

What is your weight?? Under 100 lbs you might be able to get by with 50 tooth rear sprocket. Add in MRD header with very light air filter oil. Jetting needs to spot on and this is about the best quick add-ons you will find. If you want to run past the 85's and heavy rider, you will need a HC piston and head porting along with a high flow MRD or other exhaust. This will be worth the $1000 and the time needed to install!

CRF100 exhaust is nothing more than directing the exhaust to the rear. You should see more % gains for the smaller bikes. Big bikes, the exhaust is more of a tuned system and manufactures don't leave much on the table while keeping the sound down. SA, turn downs will lower the sound and most will change the delivery of the power. Some will reduce the overall HP and the old thinking is loud is power. This is not the case with most of today's bikes.

I weigh 112 lbs. Where do they sell MRD headers? What brand of a High compression piston? Very light air filter oil?....What brand do you recommended???

MRD sells them direct. Search MRD for the web site and you will need to call them. HC piston, there are many good ones. I like Toyko mod but comes with a price. Also you should look into a cam but after everything else is done. Use the cam to fine tune the power delivery you want.

Air filter I use is 2 stroke mixing oil. Use with extreme caution because you need to clean and re-oil often. I clean after every day rides or if the bike sit longer than 2 weeks. This oil will fall off the filter in time. Air filter oil is sticky and this oil is not. Clean up is very quick also. I have done this for almost 10 years without any issues. No dusting in the air box either. If you gas and go type of rider, this is not your oil to use!

I like to be gas a gas and go rider.....but in anything there is parts that are not fun to get to the fun part. And sometimes you are going to have to have the bad parts to even get to ride. I might give it a try.

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