oil level????

I just did my first oil change for my 07 sxf 250 that i just got. i have no manual, but found that i think it takes 1.1 quarts. first is the the right amount? second.. is it bad to put to much oil in and a put 1.1 in and i dont see the oil on the little check window. when the bike was cold or warm i added some more and only see a bit sepping around this gray thing inside.(i thought it would fill up the whole window with oil when hot) whats going on? i feel stupid!!and yes the bike is level! thanks for any replies!!

The last time I did an oil change on a 4-stroke it was my old Suzuki Bandit. I filled it right up to the base of the fill hole because the sight glass was obscured. The bike ran like total poo until I drained the oil and measured in what was called for in the manual.

Invest in a manual and check your oil capacity before you ride that bike.

someone in the ktm forum should be able to tell you

no one could help on the ktm forum ....

Does it have a dip stick? If so just fill it with half a quart and check the stick, then add in another 1/4 then check, and then repeat until you get it filled. Overfilled just a little bit won't hurt it much, but well overfilled is going to cause problems.

no dip stick just the little glass window sight.

900ml if you just change the oil. 1.1liters if you;re also changing the filter.

i am changing the filter. so even if the oil does not show up on the sight glass just put 1.1 liters?

You have to stand the bike straight up to check the oil window (same goes for a dip stick)

Can't have it leaning over on the kick stand.

i know the bike is up straight. i even tilted it towards the window and dont see oil. i finally poured enoguht in (2 quarts) and saw oil at the bottom of the sight glass then i warmed the bike up and it just went away. there no blue smoke out my exaust so im not buring it. and no leaks

This is normal for the oil to go away when running the engine since the oil pump will be pushing the oil in the engine to lubricate, just let it idle for a minute or so stop it check again you should see oil about half way in the sight glass gauge.

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