Magura hydraulic clutch parts conversion?

I came across a hydraulic clutch system off a 06 rmz250 for free and im wondering if i can just get the master cylinder (dont know if thats exactly what its called but the part that mounts to the motor) to make it able to fit my 06 crf250? i would imagine the lever and line are the same for all the bikes pretty much with the difference only being the master cylinder. Anyone know if where i could find the parts if possible?

You need the slave cylinder available from any dealer that deals with Parts Unlimited part# 0612-0046 list price $90.95. This may not work with the RMZ master cylinder as it is a 9.0 and the CRF needs a 9.5.

Copntact Magura. They are good guys, spare parts are cheap.


thanks guys i appreciate it

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