FLAT CR ACC pump stuck..

Hi there i have a 2055 WR450F I somehow got the throttle arm stuck at the top of the carby..:worthy:(maybe same as other FLAT CR's,im not sure..

The yami dealer managed to unlock the throttle arm but just yanked the thing, which resulted in the LONG pin attached to the ACC pump (black plastic) arm, becoming detached or broke as first thought..I went off i tell ya.. These people call themselves machanics..

So i stripped out the Acc pump assembley and noticed thankfully the long pin had just become disattached from its plastic housing..

Refitted the assembley, but a small problem im hopeing someone may help with..

open up the throttle float inside the carby to fully open and it will ONLY open so far as pic shows..


Then its locks and wont open FULLY..(also noticeable on the throttle stop,wont touch the stop before locking) The little Arm as shown in the pic below (in the centre with the little bend) is JUST touching the green Cam type roller behind the throttle cable holder...Not sure if the yami shop bent something or i have somehow not put it back together right :confused:

See below pic the green roller to the right of the ACC pump arm..(above the spring)



To release the locking of the arm to the throttle roller can be done by pulling down on the long ROD at the bottom of the ACC pump arm...Maybe its the black plastic arm set up/springing back properly??

Just wanting to know how yours works so i can resolve this..thanks..(pics would be helpful) :thumbsup:

you have the slide plate upside down and the pump arm went over center and is hooked behind the cam.

Hey Eddie..thanks for the reply but im not sure that i know where your coming from... if you could show a pic, high lighting what your saying i would be greatful.. i looked at other videos on youtube and i was pretty sure i have it back together right!! :thumbsup:

No, the slide plate is upside down. Ther pointy part faces up.

You need to pull the slide and reset the throttle wheel, then put the slide plat in so the flat sit is on the bottom (hole too).

ARh the slide plate as in the one with the throttle needle..I get that one..

But i still have the ACC pump arm thing in wrong?

This is the way i did it...

http://www.pbase.com/jdjetting1/image/52684389, Then,

BELOW, the 4TH picture down shows the pump arm just to the LEFT of the throttle stop( 'B' ) as marked ,which i have fitted and it sits

AGAINST the cam roller underneath the throttle shaft assembley,the arm moves as the throttle shaft is turned.. Does this mean i have it fitted correctly????


If you guys have a good CLOSE up pic of how yours is set up that would be awsowe... Pics explain more to us none carby experts!!

Thanks so much..

i have also fitted a R&D power pump which comes with a stiffer spring for the ACC arm.. AS its a stronger spring is there any need to do the O ring mod??

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When you have the slide out, you will be able to get the AP fork back in place. Yes, you have to remove the throttle stop bolt.

The stiffer R&D spring is is lieu of a oring or wire.

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