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KTM LC4 Clutch stuck and wont engage

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Woke up in the morning to ride to school....did my usual pre ride check...snap...goes the clutch cable. I had a spare zip tied in so I wasn't too worried. However after installing the new one and adjusting the cable slack, I gave the new cable a squeeze but after releasing the lever...the slack never went away. I looked down at the clutch release lever on the right side of the motor and noticed it hadn't returned to its original engaged position.(RED ARROW) I thought it was the lever itself, that the screw has come loose and was allowing the adjustment to rotate, but it wasnt. I tied some paracord around the lever (BLUE ARROW) and pulled as hard as I could and the lever didnt move a micron as far as I could tell. So my clutch release lever is stuck in the disengaged position now and I have no idea why. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

i have a photo here


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