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New member, looking at '81 xt250

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Just happened across this forum looking for parts and thought I'd post asking for some help/suggestions.

A guy I work with has an '81 Xt250 he's wanting to sell me for $75 bucks. It does run, however the rocker adjustment screw has broken, letting a lot of rocker slap on the intake side. No obvious damage to the rocker or valve tip however, so I must assume it did not get ran much after that happened. It is missing the tail light, Speedo assembly, and the rh side cover. It's banged up and ugly, but I do enjoy bringing old machines back to their formy glory.

My main question is are parts going to be available at a halfway decent price? I'm mostly worried about chasing down a speedo assembly :thumbsup:

Also, I'm in Ohio, and there's no title. Does anyone know off the top of their head if I'm in for a headache getting tags?

Sorry for the long post! If you guys think it's worth buying, I'll post some pics when I get it home!

Thanks, Will

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KEDO in Germany sells parts for reasonable price, but they don't ship to U.S. Tho they have two local distributors if you wan't to check them out:

Virginia Auto Consultants LLC

Mr. Chris Grimm

2046 Lonicera Way

Charlottesville, 22911 VA, USA


The Vintage Spoke

Mr. Chad Chebultz

1100 N Buckeye

Abilene, 67410 KS, USA


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