converting stock 01 xr50 to backyard track bike help!

alright guys im new to the 50s and just picked up a clean xr50 i installed a uni filter and tuned it up... It has good enough power for me for now...

Ok so i want to make the suspension good for jumping alot on a track and messing around... whats the cheapest and most durable way to go??

I was thinking heavy duty springs with extended fork legs and new rear shock... dont wanna spend over 400$ on suspension so please help... remember the bike needs to be durable in this area.

The HD front springs with the +2 lowers don't allow for much usable travel.. I understand you're doing trying to do this on the cheap but your best bet is a set of BBR SP-5's and an I-Shock out back. Grab a +2 swing arm while your at it. You'll need rear brake linkage from a xr70 and a new chain too. But all these parts are gonna last forever and you'll only have to spend the money once. Cheap upgrades usually need to be upgraded again... don't waste your money.


Just getting springs, makes the bike unpredictable, and dangerous offroad.

stiffer springs are fine for on road and stunting, but offroad they make the bike lose traction over tiny bumps, making for a dangerous ride

I had stiffer springs for years, soon as I got a limited edition I-shock (the fully adjustable $350 version) I became WAY faster, and way more in control.

I still need to get a set of forks to complete my ride, currently run a +1" HD legs, with +1 1/4" applied racing springs with derlin bushings.. And my front is very unpredictable. But now my rear HOOKS up and GOES!

A quality set of tires makes all the difference in the world, the stock dirt tires are junk, they don't hook up. They are ok for a kid to play in the yard, but they do not give you good traction at all. Tires are cheap also, $20-$30 a piece for 'race tires' and they will give you soo much more traction.

But if you really want stiffer springs, just go with a cheap setup, a more expensive setup isn't going to be any better. I personally wouldn't worry about heavy duty fork legs until you bend your stockers. However I WOULD get derlin bushings if you replace your springs to get rid of the slop in the forks that the stock bushings have. The stock bushings wear out in a matter of weeks with a heavy rider and the forks 'wobble' in the tubes.

ok sweet and sick 50 man how does she handle?

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