Removing shift drum bearing?

Does anyone know the correct way to remove the little bearing the shift drum sits in? Its an 03 cr250 btw. There is a little opening on each side but Im not sure. Anyone?

blind bearing puller.

or you can do it the, red-neck,hill billy my mother is my sisters doughters dads cousin way and use a carbid bur and a dremill and cut the bearing in half cairfully.

Hey that'll work. But whats a carbid bur? I've got the dremel.

Oh forgot to ask, what about putting the new one in?

case bearings like be frozen and dropped into a nice oven-warmed case. should not need to "force" bearings into the case ever.

a carbid bur is basicly a cutting it, to hard to explain.

as for puting it in. freeze the bearing and warm up the case ither in the oven or with a pro/map gas tourch.

Same method as main bearings, thanks.

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