looking to raise my handle bars

:thumbsup::)I have a 09 drz just looking to raise my bars maybe 2 inches, anybody know if I can do this without changing bars? if not these atv high bars I've been reading about, does everything change over to them without any mods? what is the brand name for them? thanks for any help, im really new to the bike world

I installed a powermadd 2" bar riser and used the stock bars. Nothing required as far as cables and wires go, it all fits fine. Huge improvement and is the easiest and cheapest way to get the bars in a better riding position. Bought the riser from twisted throttle. There is a bunch of threads on raising bars....a little time searching will provide a bunch of options.

thanks man sounds like that will be perfect

bought a 2 inch riser from twisted throttle, the improvement was more than I hoped for,extremely impressed!!! they didn't have the powermadd brand so i did have to remount the ignition, just used the two stock tops and two bolts worked perfect even looks like its supose to be there! once I figure out how to post pics I will! thanks again! great site

I'm not sure what brand mine are but they rise up about an inch and a half and forward an inch or so, work / look great!

as you can see here...


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