gear changing

Hi, My dad asked me to help him change his front sprocket on his 01 dr 650. I know this a simple job, but I ran into a snag. There is a keeper and rubber o-ring in front of the factory 14 tooth sprocket. The replacement sprocket (13)is to small to use the o-ring and as a result pulls the sprocket up to the keeper and the chain rubs on it. Is there a smaller o-ring or is this unavoidable, I am afaid chain damage could result. Thanks for any replies.

I thought the stocker was a 15 and most people change down to a 14. But anywhoo when I swapped down to the 14 I just ground down the ring a little so it would clear the chain. If you really want to spend some money I think Procycle and Kientech ( not sure on spelling) offer a small triangular replacement to the stock ring. Not sure if it would fit a 13 though, might need to ask em.

When I went from the stock 15T down to a 14T, I just threw the retainer back on. After a few minutes, the chain ground down the retainer ring.

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