buying a 2000 drz 400

just wondering what you guys are thinking about buying this bike the price seems high but it has a lot of extra stuff on it

it is a 2000 drz 400

excel wheels, with the old set as a spare with offroad tires on it, new sprocket for higher speed, aftermarket front light, manual chain tensioner, carb re jetted, aftermarket suspension all around, new plastics, , desert tank, pirelli tires, with all of the aftermarket stuff on the bike has stock parts i would get as well.

he is asking 3800 for it all, just wondering if this is a good deal or not thanks

Too much. Do you know if its an S or E?

I paid $2300 for my 2000E.


it was the lower one which ever that is i just didn't know if all the mods were worth the extra money

Definitely seems high. Miles?

mileage he didn't know but he said he put about 500 miles a year on it i dont think he had a stock odometer on it

im just looking for a nice dual sport bike that is reliable and will handle nice in some canyons with street tires and will cruise on the freeway as well any sugestions?

Definitely the drz then. But 3800 for a 2000 with unknown miles is crazy. BeIng in Cali you would be hooked up if you put one months work and waiting time for something better to come across craigslist. It's worth the wait and you'll feel like you won and not gotten ripped off.

And if it is an "e" it's not street legal. You want the "s" model.

ok thats what i was feeling i am looking and have found i can buy an all stock drz for about 2 or a little more would all stock be a better way to go

Price is too high, but he's from Hollywood, so he's probably too high too!:thumbsup:

just for reference, I paid $1400 for my 2000 with 8,000 miles and it was stock

that was in mississippi

Paid $2200 for a bone stock 2003 E with less than 500 miles.

I got a 2002 DRZ S for $2200 it came with hotcams FMF power bomb and FMF exhaust 3x3 mod and it had 11000 miles on it. I bought it in Hawaii where everything cost more:foul:. The nice thing about stock at least you know where your starting. There may have been other thing done to my bike that I don't know about:banghead:. I will find out when it's time to rebuild. Either way I love the bike:ride:!! This what it looked like when I got it.



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If it's an E it's way too much. If it's an S it's a bit too much. Also in 2000 they put the much better E suspension on the S as well. There is a pretty big jump in tuneability with the 2002+ models that you don't get with the previous generation.

Take the average cost of the mods, cut that in half, then depreciate it by time and use. Helmets, jackets, etc. add zero value to a used bike.

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