carb problems

i have a 2008 yzf 450 with a stock motor no mods on it foam air filter and a pro circuit ti4 slipon. im about 300 ft above sea level, i live in texas so its hot and we are in a drought so the humidity is low, and i ride motocross

My problem, when the moto is warm, I'm having is alot of popping on decel and bogging when i snap the throttle from close to full.

can you help me out

Decel popping is normal on a race bike. Do not coat, can't win races if you are coasting.

As far as the bog, have you either done the oring mod or wired the linkage or put in a stiffer AP cam spring? Have you checked for a strong squirt? Checked/set teh AP timing EXACTLY per the manual? What size leak jet do you run?

I have a #55 leak jet in it. should i go down a number and i have good squirt.

55 should be good for all but the slowest of single track. Did you do the oring/wire or spring? Did you check the AP timing EXACTLY per the manual?

i did the oring mod it helped a little and i checked the timing on the ap, it was good. and i know that poping on decell is normal but what i got is a little extreme, lots of poping. since i have an aftermarket exhaust could that be effecting my jet setting my jetsetting is main 160 pilot jet 45 jet neddle nflr-4 leak jet 55

One thing at at a time. How did you check the timing?

just as the manual said to

So your bike only bogs when it is at idle on the stand, and you nail the throttle? How about when you ride it?

it bogs when i ride it also

Turn the AP timing screw CCW 1/2 turn and retest the bike only by RIDING NORMALLY. Do not try to force the bog.

Thanks that helped alot, i fixed the poping problem and got it back to what i normaly is by jetting the carb. thank you for all the help

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