metallic noise

just rebuilt the forks on my 09 yz450 and replaced the springs, along with the free piston mod where you drill the holes to make the piston more reliable. after getting the forks all back together and compressing them they make almost of a metallic noise while compressing but function perfect any ideas?

Like a metallic "creaking"? That would be the springs rubbing the sides a little. More or less normal.

yup thats exactly the sound im talking about....they were real quiet with stock springs...then changed everything and now its kind of noisy

They weren't KYB springs, were they?

the original springs that were in there were the stock kyb springs and they were replaced with race-tech springs

That's one of the reasons KYB springs are worth the extra money. It isn't a real big deal, but it's nicer when they don't do that.

yeah i originally ordered the KYB springs but was told they were on back order until the end of june for my spring rate....had to bite the bullet and get something else

THANKS a bunch for the help

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