Organizing Shims

I have revalved a few friends bikes now, including at least half a dozen diferent stacks on my own bike and I'm slowly building quite a pile of shims. How do you guys keep and organize your extra shims so that you dont have to go through them one by one and measure them everytime you want to make a change?

a board (formica covered, easy to write on and also wipe down)

insert pegs of the shim i.d poking up, then order by thickness and o.d, similiar to some socket organizers but in a "square-er" format. This board can live in a farily shallow tool cabinet drawer.

i use a small plastic paint brush roller pan for washing down shims, lay the shims in the upper part and when you spray them with brake cleaner the debris and solvent runs down into the roller-resevoir "trap"

also old phone books and it's pages are great for laying oily parts,shims on, as each page is clean, just rip a page off for a new clean surface.

look on ebay for fishing tackle box, lots of small compartments

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