Helicoil cylinder stud?

I am working on a 1999 KX125. Like most two-strokes, it has studs in the top of the cylinder to hold the cylinder head on. The threads pulled out of one of the studs. Anybody helicoiled one of these studs? Any reason why it would not work? Any horror stories or successes?

I posted in the General area, since almost all 2 strokes use the same design.

It should work fine on a stud if there is enough meat. It will be critical that you are sub flush with the coil to prevent a leak.......and be careful not to bore into the water jacket.

yes it will work if done right.

If done correctly it will be stronger than stock, the circumferal area of the helicoil is greater than the stock thread, and being stainless it provides a much more durable thread, I have heli-coiled many an engine of many different types for people over the last 35 years and never had a problem.

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