2008 te 450

Hello, A few questions for a new owner of a Husky. I knew parts would be hard to get but I have a couple questions about finding parts.

#1. Front Sprocket. (Where do you get one?) no local dealer. tucker rocky, Parts Unlimited. they don't have one. at least listed for 2008.

#2. Is the 2008 husqvarna TE 450 all on its own they don't really seem to cross it with 09' or 10'. Would like to put graphics on it but no dice. can not find.

#3. They say there is a hop up kit (exhaust and a few mods you can make.) what are they.

I hope a few questions can be answered please. I love the bike but I need a little more top speed. also any one have an issues with it having a hiccup like affect when you are taking off and just lighting it up and then on the top side of the RPM in 2nd and above gears it is like a very different rev limiter type affect. well hope that makes a little since if any one can help thanks.

You can call any of the major Huskly dealers. In Seattle I use Tasky's, but the usual suspects are out there like Halls, Motoxotica, ...

Dirt Tricks makes 13-16 tooth front sprokets that are good. I use their Ironman rear and front sprockets on my TE450 and TE610. I have their 13, 14, 15, and 16T fronts. Moose makes some that fit also, as well as several other brands. They are out there.

I have and '06 and '07 TE450, but I think the '08 is the same except for the FI changes. Somewhere in '08 or '09 they changed to a white frame, but I think the majority of parts are the same. To validate, you can download the free parts and service manuals and compare the part numbers.

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