Give up the funk...

Combined my footage with Farmer72's. Everyone in this vid was born in the 60's & 70's, which sort of influenced my choice of music. That & it just felt like a good fit. Some fast woods stuff here, so give it a chance even if you typically don't like music vids. GoPro & Contour helmet cams if you're interested in a comparison. Same vid at two links, so take your choice.

that was nutty

Love love love P Funk! Nice vid!

haha Bravo!! that was really well done.

best vid in a long time for sure, nice job.

Nice video. Was that a reverse image from the camera? Am I loosing it? Or is your throttle and front brake on the wrong side??

Ok, ok. I looked again, its where its supposed to be. Camera view from the cockpit is reversed.

Sweet video!

Seemed just like the ride I did with my buddies. loved it!

great job on the editing

Sweat video loved it :thumbsup:

Thanks for the kind comments everyone. I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

Camera view from the cockpit is reversed.

I looked again to see what you're talking about. I had to rotate Farmer's footage 180 degrees since his GoPro is mounted upside down under the visor, but I know I didn't apply a mirror effect. (I just checked my project in Movie Maker to confirm.) But it got mirrored somehow anyway?? I'm clueless, but the proof is on the number plates. Nice catch. I'll have to figure this out for next time.


Man, you older folks can still whip it! Pretty impressed with your skills.

You mean experienced.

Best vid in awhile. Very enjoyable to watch.


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