225 Chug Chug Idle

Just got an '01 225 that sat for 2 years. Went thru carb - stepped up pilot to a 45, main one size bigger, raised needle with a washer, fuel screw 1.5 turns out. Pipe drilled out, airbox opened up, valves adjusted, full synthetic oil.

My problem is it has a weird chugging idle. cleans up immediately when throttle is cracked. Is this a fuel screw thing? It runs very well other than the idle.

I don't know how it idled stock as the pilot was plugged and all I had was a 45...

45 is probably too big, but you might want to check your float level while you're at it since the carb is a pain in the butt to take out.

The float arm (the part the float connects to the pivot with) should be parallel to the carb body when held upside down.

If it's right, try a 40 pilot instead or try cleaning the old one with a tiny wire from a wire brush after soaking in parts cleaner, then soak some more, then blow out with air.

You'll likely throw it out otherwise, so it doesn't hurt to try.

It was the pilot jet alright. Cleaned out the stocker with a jet file and shazzam! Runs excellent. The stock choke cable was activating the choke when I turned the bars left, killing the engine. I remembered I had a choke knob for my DR650 I never installed and it fit the TTR carb perfectly. Jet and choke problems solved. Ordering an extended fuel screw for fine tuning.

So, got the bike for $550. Picked up a new front tire at a garage sale for $3, rear at a shop for $34 - both Michelins that match!. YZ250f clutch lever and front master from Ebay for $45. Found a YZ250 front fender on Ebay for $18 shipped. Vortex bars for $35, Pro Taper grips for $8, tank shrouds/side plactics for $140. Freebies: a quick throttle I had for years and never used, jets, airbox mod, drilled the crap out of the pipe, paint.

So far, $833 for a 2001 TTR 225 that runs SURPRISINGLY well. I didn't know how spunky these things are! I have ordered new brake shoes, a YZ250 front number plate, and I am going to have the rear fender skinned by one of those car graphics places.

Glad to hear it. You and I have a lot in common. XT225s were going for $2000+ out in my area. Picked up a somewhat decent TT-R225 with a MC title (allowing me to bypass the $200 inspection) for $800, slapped lights it for $266, a vapor speedo/tach for $110. Trail oriented XT225 for under $1400.

Unfortunately it started smoking like crazy, so I had to put a piston and valve seals in it, that cost me another $174. But I bumped the compression from 9.? to 10:1

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