good first bike???

Hey guys, i was wondering what you all thought of a cr125 as a first bike. i am 170lbs and 6'1". i have experence with freeride mountian biking and atv racing. i have ridden a crf230 for about an hour and felt like the bike was ok but a little weak and the suspension felt too soft and short. I will be doing mostly trail riding but i hope to get into some local grand prix, enduro, harescramble, and maybe mx races. i am pretty stuck on 2strokes. not because i dont like thumpers, but because i dont have the money to buy or maintain one. and i can work on 2strokes much easier than 4strokes by myself. thanks for any advice you guys have. :thumbsup:

id go with a cr125 ,my first was an 81 cr125 it was good an all till i sold it and got a 96 cr125 and love it .

Any of 125's should be a good first choice. The newer the better as well

a 125 would be a good starter bike. you are gonna have to use the clutch more in some trails because 125s dont like to be lugged around. they need to be higher in the powerband. good luck!

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