06 Husky SM610 vs DR-Z400sm

I was an avid sportbike rider until recently. I'm looking at a change of pace and a new form of fun. I was about to walk into the dealership and pick up an '09 DRZ400sm until I started reading some reviews that got me second guessing.

I think I would be overall happy with the DRZ, but in the surprisingly small used market here, I found a 2006 Husky sm610. Looking at around 2 grand cheaper than the DRZ ($3800), has a slip-on Leo Vince, rejetted, and a few other minor mods.

Now, what do I do? I've heard of some horror stories with the '06 610...? it's 5 years old and only has 3500 miles. How is it's reliability compared to the DRZ?

No one can tell me about the reliability of the 06 610 vs the drz?

Whoops, guess this is in the wrong section.

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