Starter removal on '04 polaris sportsman 500


Maybe this has been covered before but, do i need to pull the primary clutch to remove starter? Or, can i remove airbox, back bottom starter bolt out till the threads disengage and rotate the starter out? The bottom starter bolt does not come out. It hits the clutch cover backing plate. Any ideas? Or should i just break down and by a puller? Thanks. Just answer please. Starter is bad. Just want removal info......

take out bolts and u can get it out without removing the clutch covers u have to tap the starter to get a little room to rotate it and the further u get it to pull out the more it will rotate when installing make sure to put the bottom bolt in the starter or u won't get it in otherwise and the puller is just fine thread 3/4 u can make one by welding a nut to about a foot long section it cost me about 10 bucks at local hardware store good luck

Thanks for the info. We got it out without the puller. I think the beer helped too. Lol. Thanks

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